10 Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh Worth a Visit

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The state of Andhra Pradesh in India contains the Eastern Ghats and has numerous great waterfalls. In this guest post, Rohit from TransIndiaTravels.com gives a few of the waterfalls that are a must for anyone traveling to India.

Waterfalls mostly develop in the areas of plateaus and hills, where the water falls from a great height directly into valleys to form ponds. In all these areas, due to waterfalls, great views are formed. The falls in the peninsular India are magnificent in the monsoons, as at this time, these places contain ample water for swimming and camping for visitors.

  1. Talakona Waterfalls


The Talakona waterfalls are divided into the Upper and Lower falls. For viewing the upper falls you have to climb for about 15min. The height of waterfall is 82m and it’s one of the highest falls in the region. Located in the Venkateshwara National Park, it’s best visited in the months of October, November and December. You can travel here from the nearest city of Tirupati around 65km it’s best to visit the waterfall on the weekdays as weekends are crowded. Also visit the Lord Shiva temple here down the slope. This place forms an excellent spot for having a picnic with friends, spouse or family.

  1. Araku Waterfalls

These falls are located 8km from Araku Valley. A trek to the mountain peak from where the water descends is about 15km and the waterfalls are located in close proximity to Orissa’s state border. The area is rich in its flora and fauna and coffee is grown on the slopes. The atmosphere and the surroundings here cast a magical spell on the visitors.

  1. Katiki Waterfalls

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These waterfalls are about 6km from Borra Caves and requires a trek of about 2km from the car park. The cool water of the Gosthani River and a great pond at the end of the fall is excellent for taking a dip and it’s also a great spot for camping. When you visit these waterfalls, don’t forget to try the Bongulo Chicken which is a famous local recipe here.

  1. Kapila Theertham Waterfalls

These waterfalls are located near the holy city of Tirupati, and are famous for their legend and stories of Lord Shiva. The waterfalls are formed by the Gosthani River in the region and in the rainy season, the waterfalls are filled with ample water. January to April is the best time for trekking and photography. People visit here for the religious significance attached to the place. Including this waterfall there also many places to visit in Tirupati.

  1. Nagalapuram Waterfalls

The waterfalls are located at a distance of 76km from the religious city of Tirupati and is about 16km from Nagalapuram village. It is one of the places famous for trekking in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The gurgling river and the sweet sound of the birds is mesmerising. It is one of the great places to visit, if you live in the holy city of Chennai. It is great for swimming or relaxing and taking a nap.


  1. Ethipothala Waterfalls


Ethipothala Waterfalls located at a height of 21m in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. The waterfall is made by the convergence of 3 streams and lies at a distance of 15k from Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. It is one of the most famous waterfalls near the city of Hyderabad. You can also visit the Ranganadha Swami and Dattatreya Swami Temples at the bottom of the hill.

  1. Kaigal/Dumukuralla Waterfalls

The falls in the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary is a perennial water source and is located at a distance of an hour and a half from the town of Kanipakam. It is easy enough to get here using local transport to visit the falls. The water here falls from a height of 12m and dense forests with great variety of flora, fauna and birds, surrounds the area. The green and clean environment here is soothing.

  1. Kailasakona Waterfalls


It is a perennial waterfall and has a small temple of Lord Shiva and Parvati at the place. The city of Tirupati is located about 1 hour away. The height of the falls is 30 meters and best time to visit the place are the months of November, December and January. The clean water is great for swimming.

  1. Chaparai Waterfalls

This is a good picnic spot and many people visit here to relax with their loved ones. These waterfalls on Gosthani river lies at a distance of 16km from the Araku valley. The areas are surrounded with lush green trees and the waterfalls have a natural slide for children and young people to slide on. The place is also a great spot for photography, so don’t forget your camera.

  1. Akasa Ganga


The waterfall has an entry fee and is best visited in August and September. The waters of Akasa Ganga are very holy and large devotees come here to bathe all year round.

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