5 Insta Worthy Beaches In Thailand


Maya Bay may be closed to tourists but there are still plenty of other beautiful beaches to visit in Thailand.

Maya Bay sign

I visited Maya Bay back in 2013 on my first visit to Thailand and Asia. I remember booking a tour with a group of lads I’d been travelling through the country with and had met in Pai in the hostel I was staying at.

I remember boarding the boat that would take us to paradise! What I will always remember the most is the Thai guide blasting out the theme tune to the film The Beach (LOL).

I was lucky, in 2013 when I went, there were actually very few tourists there…if my photo skills had been better at the time I would have got the perfect insta worthy shot! Although, from what I have seen more recently and one reason I didn’t visit Maya Bay on my last trip to Thailand (Last year), the crowds have become ridiculous.

People have been unable to even take a picture of the bay and it’s definitely been too difficult to get a shot where it looks like you’re on the beach alone.

Why not check out the beaches I recommend below? or find your own piece of paradise…there are plenty of amazing wonders in this world. Trust me.

Maya bay me at the beach

Thai authorities are giving Maya Bay a break from the thousands of tourists that visit each day! and so they should.

It will be a chance for the bay to recover from the strain of the sheer amount of backpackers and gap year students that descend on it each year.

Environmentalists say years of increasing tourism has caused damage to Maya Bay and it’s surroundings. Not only that, the impact on the coral reef has been catastrophic…isn’t that one of the key reasons we travel? To snorkel, to swim in crystal clear water? Feel the white sand, in between our little toes?!

Maya bay me at the beach

Although Maya Bay will only be shut until 30th September 2018, I know some of you may be travelling to Thailand during this low season.

When it reopens later this year, it’s thought the number of people allowed to visit the beach will be reduced and limited. Watch this space for an update.

Please remember to be responsible when visiting these gorgeous beaches. We MUST look after the destinations we are lucky enough to visit. By not being responsible when backpacking, we risk having more bays and beaches shut!

maya bay group shot

Here’s 5 Other Beaches You Must Visit in Thailand

Sunrise Beach – Koh Lipe

Haad Yao Beach Koh Phangan

Malibu Beach Bungalows – Koh Phangan

Shark Bay – Koh Tao

Haad Salad Beach – Koh Phangan

Travel responsibly people…peace x

5 Insta Worthy Beaches Thailand

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