Write for OLB


One Little Backpacker welcomes opinion and editorial pitches from travel bloggers and writers.

If you would like to be considered, please send either a short synopsis and proposed title for your article, or the full article to abigail@onelittlebackpacker.com


  1. The primary purpose of writing an article is to draw attention to an important issue, give a detailed write up of a destination, offer new insights into the world of travel, give readers personal stories to read and help them to travel (whether this be positive acknowledgement or negative criticism).
  2. Use this opportunity to share somewhere that’s of interest to you. You should come across as an expert on one topic rather than average on multiple areas. Don’t try to get everything and everywhere into one article.
  3. We’re looking for both, how to solve problems, what the problem is, and first hand experiences from around the world. Passionate pieces, that let the reader get a glimpse of the experience.
  4. Any submissions must be exclusive to One Little Backpacker. We will not consider publishing non-exclusive articles.
  5. Must be 600-800 words, search engine optimised, and with links to relevant companies mentioned. You will get a back-link to your website. Please also supply a 1-2 sentence summary of the article that incorporates the article key words and author’s name. If you would like, please provide a head shot of the author and images that go with the story.