Soul Circus – Yoga and Wellness Festival [Review]

Soul Circus Festival Review

Soul Circus, home to smiles, hugs and morning yoga is what the programme reads and that it was…

About a week before departure was the moment I realised I didn’t own a tent, or any camping items to be more precise. And so began the research and sourcing of festival equipment on Amazon and Millets. I managed to pick up some great bargains in the end of summer sales and felt suitably organised and prepared for the weekend ahead. Or so I thought…

We arrived on Friday lunchtime after driving for a good 4 hours from Kent, unsure of what to expect from a wellness festival. We unpacked and set up camp for a fun filled, jam packed schedule of heath and happiness. However during my smug moment of delight, finally believing I’d nailed the art of preparing for a festival (for the first time in my life) my good friend Charlotte kindly pointed out I may have forgotten a crucial item…my yoga mat! Who goes to a yoga festival without a yoga mat? ME

Thank god for Lisa, my lovely campsite neighbour as she ended up lending me her spare mat.

Without further ado, here’s just a few of my favourite moments of Soul Circus Festival.

Who runs the world…GIRLS

The weekend had begun, we spent Friday soaking up the positive vibe of the festival (and a few too many cocktails), with the highlight of Friday most definitely going to the Beyonce Dance Class. Wow, I actually felt like I was Beyonce for a moment…obviously portraying a very different version of events on the outside to what I imagined I looked like in my head. Keeley Dan the teacher, was absolutely fantastic. The longer the class went on, the more the audience grew. The sheer happiness and laughter radiating out of the tipi, was bliss. I would sign up to that again in a heartbeat…and that I did. Keeley followed Beyonce, with a Britney dance class on the Saturday…great work girls and boy. I think what made this class so hilarious, was the attendance of a certain founder of soul circus who absolutely nailed it…claps to Roman for taking the crown as Britney!


On Saturday we felt we had grasped what was on, where things were happening and what we were keen to get involved with. However, whilst walking around the festival we stumbled upon a stand that offered healing. This is not something that I would normally go for and I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. We gave him £10 for a half an hour slot and I closed my eyes. I could feel him moving around me and placing his hands in front of my face and gently pressing on my shoulders. Once it was finished, I opened my eyes and felt calmer…he began telling me about my energy giving insight into my personality (he did the same for my friend). He described me so accurately, and seemed to know things about how I go about my day to day life, that there was no way he would have known. He could feel my energy. Now you may think that I’ve completely lost it right now, but I can’t deny there was truth in his post healing evaluation, and I definitely felt calmer afterward.

Hand Analysis

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Another major highlight from the festival has got to be the hand analysis from Lawrence Rook. If you haven’t had this done before, take the opportunity for sure. It cost us £40 for two friends and it was well worth the money. It was incredible the detail he went into by simply analysing the lines and shape of our hands. I was blown away by the insight that he shared into my personality and gave recommendations of how to create balance to certain areas of my life that need it.

I have a fire hand, click to find out more here.

The Goddess Within – Sandra Barnes

Just wow…for me this was the most powerful experience of the weekend. I looked at the programme and decided I wanted to attend a yoga class in The Flaming Pheonix (Hot Tipi), with this class being the next one. I was unsure of what The Goddess Within was, however as usual, happy to find out.

Sandra and Sofia are a mother and daughter who hold Yoga retreats and attend yoga festivals. They are incredible! From start to finish, I was totally engaged and drawn in to the experience. Although a slower class, the feeling of the collective in the room (tipi) and connection with others was like no other I have experienced in a yoga class. It was beautiful.

At the end of the class they gave us all a crystal to take away and I was left with an unforgettable experience.

As I walked out of the tent, I saw my friend and the first words I said, were “that was so powerful” I had tears in my eyes and felt emotion rising within me. It was just lovely to feel moved by so many women and in such a positive way.

Introduction to Shamanism

Although only a brief intro to this historic practice, I was intrigued to find out what was involved in a shamanic journey. We were given a short speech and then told to lie on the ground and close our eyes. We were then to go on a journey to the underworld by visualising a tree in which to enter through. The teacher was drumming and this sound was present throughout. The only way I can describe how it felt was a sense of calm. I found that I could sense nature around me and feel the rushing of wind in the tipi and on my body.

After we had completed our journey and were back in the present, so to speak, we all discussed how it made us feel. For some people they even met their power animals in their own version of the underworld.

I just want to make this clear that I was not intoxicated at any point during this, it was simply the energy of the festival and the drumming. Incredible right?

Food for Moods – Simone Venner

The talks at the festival were on point. Simone’s talk about how food affects your mood and mental health was insightful and extremely interesting. From discussing how digestion begins in the mouth, to the number of times we chew our food and how this allows foods containing tryptophan to affect the serotonin levels in our bodies.  


By night, the festival had a performance from Dj Yoda. A few voddies later and I was partying like there was no tomorrow. Loving life and laughing with new and old friends.

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What a weekend! Soul Circus Festival was just lovely. There really was something for everyone. Barre, yoga, music, shamanism, hand analysis, healing, massage, hot tubs, Thai massage, Reiki massage and plenty more activities to keep the kids and yourself entertained and is suitable for all ages, no matter what stage in your life you are.

It really has touched me and left me feeling revitalised and positive. It’s always a good sign, when you’re already looking up the next wellness festival, when you haven’t got home from the last.

Fantastic people, great vibe and an amazing lineup of workshops…thank you Soul Circus.


Escape to Southern France 15th – 22nd September 2018

If you feel like you’ve missed out, there’s still an opportunity to get some of that lovely wellness that this festival has to offer. Soul Circus are heading to Southern France for a weekend (or a week) of yoga, surf and nights dancing under the stars!

Retreat to the vibrant town of Moliets in the southwest of France and learn how to surf with over 12  hours worth of practical and theoretical lessons on offer.

Enjoy daily yoga sessions before setting off out onto the glittering ocean! To find out more, check out the website here.


Yoga Festival Montpellier 29th September 2018

Sunrise morning rave, healing sound session, Live DJ Yoda Class and mindfulness…what more could you want?

For more information head to the website here.

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