10 Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh Worth a Visit

image of waterfall in india
The state of Andhra Pradesh in India contains the Eastern Ghats and has numerous great waterfalls. In this guest post, Rohit from TransIndiaTravels.com gives a few of the waterfalls that are a must for anyone traveling to India. Waterfalls mostly develop in the areas of plateaus and hills, where the water falls from a great height […]

How to celebrate Holi Festival Safely in India

Holi Festival, how to celebrate safely, celebrate holi in pushkar
For me Holi Festival is a must for any backpacker and definitely an experience that should be added to your bucket list! This colourful, raucous, thrilling spring festival is definitely one of my favourite experiences. One of the most important things to remember is to ensure you stay safe during Holi Festival in Pushkar. What […]