The Best Apps For Exploring Berlin On A Budget

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Living in the UK gives us the benefit of being able to travel within Europe extremely easily. You can grab a low fare from a low cost carrier throughout the majority of the year. In order to make each trip as budget friendly as possible, planning ahead is a must. With the advancement in technology and the endless choice of apps available to us, there has never been a better time to travel on a budget. Working out what you want to do and see in the short space of time can be the difficulty. However…the ultimate way to do this I found was through using the best apps for exploring Berlin on a budget.

Apps for discovering berlin

By planning your trip yourself in advance you’ll be able to squeeze in as much as possible, whilst also keeping an eye on those purse strings.

Tip: What mobile network are you on? If you’re with o2, make sure you keep your phone on for the entire trip. With o2 Travel you don’t pay any additional costs whilst in Europe! Why not find out if your network offers similar?

You can read about my weekend in Berlin here. It’s fairly easy to get around Berlin either by foot or on the metro. There are loads of websites and blogs that will give you all the information you need to plan your own itinerary. It’s a pretty well traveled city and there’s loads to do there.

Here are the best apps for exploring Berlin on a budget

Sygic Travel

Sygic Image - best apps for exploring berlin on a budget

Sygic Travel is easy to use and perfect to use prior to departure and when you’re there. It allows you to explore the city and it’s top sights, via sights, places and an easy to navigate map function. As you input how long your trip will be, this clever little app will work out how many sights you are able to fit in. Once you have selected the key things you would like to see, it will then work out the best route to get around town! This saves you not only time but money also.

Berlin Subway: BVG

BVG Best travel apps for exploring berlin on a budget

This is the best way to use the U-Bahn and S-Bhan to move around Berlin. This great app allows you to work out firstly how to get out the airport and into the city, how long it will take you to get from A-B during your stay and how many connections you will have to make.

RA – Berlin

the best apps for exploring berlin on a budget

Not specific to Berlin or even Germany…BUT this app will help you find out what is happening, when! And when I say what is happening, I’m talking about MUSIC! Berlin is known for it’s electronic music and super clubs, the nightlife here is incredible. You can read more about the best clubs and bars here. Resident Adviser is my favourite way of finding out what is on in most cities that I visit. This is definitely up there as being one of my ultimate best apps for exploring Berlin on a budget.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Guides by Lonely PLanet app - best apps for exploring berlin on a budget

Another awesome app to help you dive deeper into the rich history of this capital. As ever Lonely Planet have created another fantastic addition to help us travel. If you’re a fan or not of lonely planet this app will help you explore the streets of Berlin with more ease.

What you’ll find useful…

  • A currency converter
  • neighborhood guides
  • transport info
  • ‘near me’ functionailty

My favorite aspect of this app, is that it’s written with the same standard of written copy as the books but there is no need to carry a heavy paperback around in your bag! All you need is your smartphone and away you go!

 My Taxi

My Taxi App - best apps for exploring berlin on a budget

Although I think it’s easy enough to get around Berlin by foot or on the underground, I did need to book a taxi at times, especially at night. As Uber no longer operates in Berlin, an alternative was needed.

My Taxi is an easy to use app that is very similar to Uber. You can see what drive you will be getting, where the car is and pay directly from your phone.

Street Art Berlin

best apps for exploring berlin on a budget

Like I said…there is an abundance of things to do in Berlin. One of those much loved things is the vibrant street art. This Street Art app is perfect for street art and graffiti lovers!

Murals and etchings are sprawled out over the city, including what remains of the Berlin Wall.

This app makes it easy to navigate your way to some of the best graffiti in not only Berlin but Europe.

If you found these best apps for exploring Berlin on a budget useful…please let me know. I love to hear feedback and would love to know if there are any more great apps that you can recommend.

The best apps for exploring berlin on a budget

6 Best Travel Apps for Berlin on a budget
6 Best Travel Apps for Berlin on a budget

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