Where to Find the Best Travel Deals

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Here are some tips on how to find the best travel deals to stretch your budget further. By reducing your costs on flights and accommodation, it allows you to explore for longer. This is what we want, isn’t it?

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Considering the amount of travel deals I’m constantly being bombarded with via email and online advertising, I’m always shocked when people tell me how much they paid for their most recent trip! There are so many online resources now for finding cheap flights or hotel deals, finding the perfect destination couldn’t be easier. Not only that we have an abundance of travel gadgets that allow us to see deals as and when they go live!

Seeing the world doesn’t need to be expensive.

Travel deals - photos of infinity pool Thailand


I think there is a preconception that booking flights last minute is more expensive?!

Nah, what about the time I booked last minute flights to Mexico which cost me the same as my friend who had booked his months in advance. Or…how about the time I booked last minute flights to Berlin cheaper than my friends who booked theirs 6 months before me.

The key is not to panic buy.

I’m not saying that I know everything or that this is a complete list of websites, however after many years of travel and backpacking I thought it might be useful to share my tips and tricks on how to find the best travel deals. That is exactly the reason I decided to start this blog…To save more people money while they travel.

There are many more providers out there, so if you can recommend another one please comment or send me a message, I’m always on the look out for more!

Flight Deals

Here is a big statement…Finding flight deals is my favourite hobby!

I know you might think this is pathetic BUT I genuinely find pleasure in finding cheap flights!

I use a mixture of websites depending on what deals they have on offer and what type of trip I’m looking for. If I’m honest my favourite has to be SkyScanner.

Alternatively if I’m not looking for a specific trip or destination, I wait for the deals to come to me. I simply sign up for email newsletters from the following travel providers and look through the deals as they come through OR  wait for their sale to go LIVE.

  1. Holiday Pirates
  2. Jacks Flight Club (This is not just saving a few quid on flights but typically the average saving on a return flight is over £400 per ticket!)
  3. SkyScanner
  4. Google Flights
  5. STA Travel

Hotel Deals

Rooftop Pool Kuala Lumpur

In order to find the best travel deals with respect to Hotels I have a two step process. I check the below sites first using my app on my iphone and then if a hotel catches my eye, I will then always go to their website and check the rates there in order to get the cheapest accommodation. Sometimes it might seem like you’re getting a good deal, however when you check the hotel’s website the rate is the same and gives you extra benefits or vice versa.

1. For Hotels


2. For a Home Away From Home

Air Bnb – Get £25 off when you click here.

3. For Hostels




group photo of me on the kiwi experience

I haven’t booked many organised tours as I prefer to book and find the best travel deal myself. I also don’t like to have any restrictions on my trips and prefer to be able to alter plans along the way!

In order to snatch up an awesome travel deal, I’m signed up to newsletter emails. This allows me to keep up to date if tour operators happen to have a sale on.

Just to give you an idea of how signing up to their email newsletter helped me…I knew I wanted to explore New Zealand and I could only afford to go if I got the best travel deal.  Having only three weeks to explore, booking an organised tour seemed like the only way to go. I was travelling alone and wanted to meet as many people as possible in a short amount of time. So…

I received an email from the Kiwi Experience saying they had a sale on, AWESOME. I think in the end I booked one of their bus passes with discount of about 50%. What a result!

  1. Kiwi Experience
  2. STA Travel

Package Holidays

Secret Escapes gives great deals through their email alerts both in the UK and abroad. Holiday pirates is great for everywhere, STA is perfect for discount trips, flights for youths and young adults; and Booking.com allows you to book your hotel, flight, car rental or package.

  1. Booking.com
  2. Secret Escapes
  3. Holiday Pirates
  4. STA Travel

These are honestly the sites that I use, which have allowed me to travel on a small budget. This is the only way I’ve managed to get ridiculous travel deals and backpack for the amount of time I have over the years.

Remember to send me your recommendations, please.


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