How To Save Money To Travel Longer

How to save money to travel longer

You don’t need to be rich in order to save money to travel longer. You don’t have to be an Instagram model, Travel Blogger or save for years just to travel for 6 months. I’m certainly none of those things and I have been doing it for 7 years. You just need to be more creative with the ways in which you save.

Even earning the minimum wage of around £7 an hour in the UK, I managed to save enough to start my travelling adventure back in 2011.

This was because I learnt how to cut back on luxuries, book the cheapest accommodation, find the best travel deals, save more and earn extra cash on the side.

By doing the following 5 things, I managed to backpack Asia on a budget, swim in the crystal clear water of mexico and have an epic adventure in South America.

Photo of me backpacking India with elephant, Save money to travel longer.

If you are determined that travelling is your dream, you can make it happen. You just have to put the hard work in…and I promise you it’s completely worth it.

1. Cut back on luxuries

If you want to save money to travel longer around the world, you’re going to have to cut back on those luxuries in life. The luxury of travel you’re giving yourself is so much better than material objects. When you travel for an extended period of time, you realise that handbags, clothes and fancy cars are actually meaningless. You won’t remember the pair of jeans you bought yourself when you were 24…but you will remember the sound of the ocean, when you wake up to the sun beating through the bamboo of your beach hut THAT morning. You will make memories to last a life time.

2. Cut back on everything

By everything, I mean everything! Don’t go out, don’t go drinking, stay in (if you have any time left after working all hours to save) cut back on eating out and start being more resourceful. Even the small things, like using a refillable water bottle or refillable coffee cup instead of buying a coffee when you’re on your way to work. Every little helps when it comes to saving for your big trip.

When you’re eating your mountain of food in Asia for the same cost of one coffee at home, you’ll appreciate the savings that you made before you set off. Cutting back on a few things at home could mean the difference of a month longer travelling.

Vegan Food Thailand Koh Phangan, Save money to travel longer.

3. Sell Everything

OK, so this is a bit dramatic…but I did actually do this! I did boot fairs, put stuff I didn’t use on Ebay and sold things via Facebook marketplace as well.

I also decided to sell my car after I had been travelling on and off for about 3 years. I figured I didn’t need a car if I was going to be abroad for the majority of the time. I put the money towards my trip and don’t regret it for a second.
I can always buy a new car in the future if I’m based in the UK.

4. Move Back In With Your Parents

A great way to save money to travel longer, is to move back in with your parents. Of course you will still have to pay rent and contribute to bills and food, however this will be drastically reduced compared to living on your own.

Or perhaps for you, your parents would let you live there rent free! Even better.

5. Work 5 Jobs At A Time

After finishing my degree I decided I wanted to go travelling. I knew I had to get a job to save enough money for the 6 months I wanted to go for. However, given I wanted a temporary job and not too much commitment, the going wage for this type of job simply didn’t pay enough.

So..I got creative to save enough money to travel.

I found ways to make money alongside a 9-5 job. Having thought about the skills that I had, I decided on the following options:

⦁ Dog walking (not very well paid but enjoyable)
⦁ Driving people from A-B and charging less than local taxi companies
⦁ Cleaning and Ironing – I knew I could charge per item or hour
⦁ Waitress (I did this on Saturdays, Sundays and some evenings)

And there you have it. 5 Ways to Save Money To Travel Longer Around The World.

If you don’t fancy saving at home, why not work abroad? You can download my FREE 10 Step CV Checklist for help making your CV irresistible to employers abroad.

Happy Saving!


How I saved enough money to travel for 7 years pinterest - Save money to travel longer

How I saved enough money to travel pinterest - Save money to travel longer
5 Easy Ways to Save Money For Travel -Save money to travel longer

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  1. I just love number 4, move back in with parents!

    1. Haha I know 🙈 i come back every time!

  2. Kait (@haspassportmusttravel) says: Reply

    Was checking out your blog after coming from Insta. Just wanted to say about charging people for lifts, it’s likely to invalidate your insurance if you do this – so if you get found out you can get a fine and points on your licence. And if you have a crash and they find out they may not pay out. not recommended. Sorry the sensible lawyer lady in me is coming out now lol.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! I didn’t realise that 😮 I’ll update this post, so that other people don’t get into any trouble. That wasn’t my intention. Thanks again for your feedback, it’s always good to have an experts opinion x

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