The 7 Must Have Travel Gadgets 2018

The 7 Must have Travel Gadgets 2018, backpacking gadgets

Let me share with you how travel has changed for me. Here are my top 7 travel gadgets for 2018!

I will always remember when I first went travelling in 2011…you didn’t take a smart phone, you didn’t have wifi everywhere to allow you to access and communicate with friends and family at home. Back then (which isn’t actually that long ago) I took a basic Nokia phone with me and bought a local sim to make calls back home. I also went to the nearest internet café in the destination I was in to write emails to people back home. It was a very different experience travelling then.

However, over the years technology has evolved and there are so many apps and travel gadgets to make your life easier! By having the technology at my fingertips I’m also able to find the best travel deals online. I use my iphone, ipad and wifi hotspot to book cheap accommodation, as last minute as the day of travel.

Not only that the technology that is available today allows me to document my travels and be able to share it to anyone in the world, INSTANTLY!

Here’s a list of what I think are the best travel gadgets to take with you when you travel the world.

Huawei E5577 Portable Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Link to see price or purchase product

This has been one of my favourite and most useful travel gadgets on my latest trip to Asia. I have never seen one of these before and have always relied on wifi to connect to the internet. This gadget is a revelation, it has changed the way that I travel enormously. I think for me the best part of using this, is a can pop it in my handbag and still use my maps on my phone or feel safe when I’m on the road. Whilst I was in Thailand, I had a motorbike and I would go on out on my own (even at night), knowing I had wifi access wherever I went, meant I could Facetime or make calls whenever I needed to.

How it works – You simply buy a sim card when you enter any destination and insert it into the Mifi box. Make sure you buy unlimited data when you purchase the sim card (this is very cheap if you buy it for a month or a week). Pop the sim card in and a wifi password will come up on the screen. All you need to do is connect as you would to any wifi network and the best thing, you can multiple people using it at the same time. In the last few months we travelled to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore and were able to access internet at all times. We even used it to watch Netflix!

Although most of the time you are able to get a wifi connection in restaurant or cafes, there have definitely been times when I have needed this little travel gadget. The most often is when I’m actually en route to my next destination and I need to look for cheap accommodation. That’s why I think this an essential out of all my travel gadgets.


Link to see price or purchase GoPro HeroOut of all the travel gadgets, I’m guessing this is high on most people’s list if you enjoy backpacking. Although it can be an expensive addition to your ever increasing current camera collection, it takes awesome shots underwater. I always felt that I didn’t want to have to lug around more camera products, however it’s small enough to pop into your carry on. To be honest I’m not the best with camera equipment, however it is easy to use and what I love best is being able to film and take pictures when I’m diving. I see this as more of an additional travel gadgets to have for my more adventurous travel plans. It’s powerful, allows me to get great footage above and under the water and fantastic if you want to automatically upload footage to edit instantly!

Apple iPad

Link to see price or purchase Apple iPad

This is not an essential item and more of a luxury out of all the travel gadgets that I have. I mainly use this for watching movies on chill out days, sharing content, editing content, reading, listening to music, editing images and videos! It is easy to use and gives you a very lightweight and portable screen to use on the go. Another great way I use it, is on cheap flights or long bus journeys where there is no entertainment. By downloading films, TV programmes and documentaries onto the iPad via Netflix you can watch them back and make those long journeys more bearable!

Also by having the ipad with me on all my trips, I’m able to search for the best travel deals along the way.

Fire TV Stick

Link to see price or purchase Fire StickThis is by far one of my coolest travel gadgets for my trips so far this year. The Fire Stick connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Instant, BBC iPlayer, 4oD. All you have to do is plug this into the HDMI connection into the back of a TV and it connects to the Wifi Connection (this is why I recommend getting the Huawei E5577 Portable Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot – See above). So if you are staying in Guesthouses, Hostels or Hotels you can watch pretty much whatever TV series or Movies you like via this stick…so cool.

Kindle Paper white

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Who likes to read? I spend a huge amount of time whilst travelling, reading books. Do you spend time lugging around books in your backpack or carry on? On long trips I would then go to hostels or guesthouses and swap my books for whatever they had there. NOW, I always travel with my Kindle, I cant imagine travelling without it. I ask for people’s recommendations and then simply click to download instantly! It’s that easy.

Apple Iphone – Unlocked

Link to see price and buy apple iphone

I take my Apple Iphone with me when I travel. It is my number one out of all my travel gadgets as it allows me to do everything I need. Check my bank account, upload content, take photographs (I have the Iphone 7 and it has a fantastic camera on it), videos, email, watch Netflix…well you know the rest. And obviously it’s so easy to use! I used my iphone to download travel apps when I was in Berlin.

Portable Solar Power Bank – Bernet 24000mAhLink to buy Solar Panelled Charger

I love this charger that we purchased before our last trip. The portable charger can charge three devices at once which offer 2.4A high speed charging, making it one of my favourite travel gadgets. It can fully charge an iPhone 6 – 9 times, a Galaxy S6 around 7 times or an iPad air over 3 times. With all the restrictions on carrying batteries onto planes these days, fortunately this solar battery charger is safe to travel with and use.         

Share this review to any of your friends and family that you know are heading off travelling soon!

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